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The Northside Community Church gathers for worship every Sunday morning at 9:00 am. Everyone is welcome to join us for the worship service, whether you are a long time follower of Jesus, whether you on a journey to discover whether to believe in Jesus or not, or whether you are not sure what, if anything, you believe.


In his book, The Dangerous Act of Worship, Mark Labberton says this: “What’s at stake in worship? Everything. Worship names what matters most: the way human beings are created to reflect God’s glory by embodying God’s character in lives that seek righteousness and do justice. Such comprehensive worship redefines all we call ordinary. Worship turns out to be the dangerous act of waking up to God and to the purposes of God in the world, and then living lives that actually show it. Worship, then, refers to something very big and very small, and much in between. True worship includes the glory and honor due God—Father, Son, and Spirit. It also includes the enactment of God’s love and justice, mercy and kindness in the world. When worship is our response to the One who alone is worthy of it—Jesus Christ—then our lives are on their way to being turned inside out. Every dimension of self-centered living becomes endangered as we come to share God’s self-giving heart. Worship exposes our cultural and even spiritual complacency toward a world of suffering and injustice. In Jesus Christ, we are called into a new kind of living. Through the grace of worship, God applies the necessary antidote to what we assume is merely human—our selfishness. Worship sets us free from ourselves to be free for God and God’s purposes in the world. The dangerous act of worshiping God in Jesus Christ necessarily draws us into the heart of God and sends us out to embody it, especially toward the poor, the forgotten, and the oppressed. All of this is what matters most and is most at stake in worship.”


At Northside, our worship services are characterized by Gathering in God’s Presence, Growing in God’s Word, and Going in God’s mission. We hope that our worship services will be inspirational, informational, and imaginational. We hope that our worship services will help you experience God, understand how Jesus wants us to live, and empower us in the Spirit to make a difference in our world. We hope that our worship services will help us to Believe in Jesus, Belong to one another, and Bless the world where God has placed us. We hope you to see you soon.

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