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Lifetouch Pictorial Directory


WE WANT YOU to be a part of the Northside Community Pictorial Directory!

Every family or individual that has a photo sitting with Lifetouch will receive a free 8 x 10 photo and a free copy of the directory.

Click the button below to set up your appointment time on Lifetouch's registration page or sign up for a time while you are at church on Sunday morning (see Kelli) or in the church office during the week (see Misty).

Feel free to invite extended family to have photos taken. Even if they do not attend our church and do not have to be included in the directory, they can still get the free 8 x 10 for doing the sitting.

NO ONE is REQUIRED to purchase extra pictures, but everyone will be given the opportunity when they review the pictures after the photo shoot.

Thanks for helping us create this awesome tool that will help us to stay in touch with our current church family, as well as, to help new people get to know us much quicker.

Have questions? Contact Kelli Cheever @

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