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Northside SCRIP

An Easy Way To Support Our Church!

Do you ever go shopping? Out to eat? Buy gas? Download some music on iTunes? By doing the stuff you already do and using gift cards purchased from the church, you can help our church grow financially stronger.

Shopping with Scrip

The Shopping with Scrip company sells gift cards to non-profit organizations (like Northside) with rebates that go back to the purchasing organization. When you purchase gift cards from the Northside SCRIP Program you are supporting our church,
without giving out any extra money.

For example:

You purchase a $25 gift card for Applebee’s from a store; 100% of that amount goes to the store where you purchase it.

All it cost you was $25.

BUT, if you bought the same card from the Northside SCRIP Program; the church gets to keep 8% of the $25 cost ($2).

All it cost you was $25.

Our Process for Ordering Cards is:

Collect orders on Sunday:
•  Order forms and the payment must be turned in together! We accept Cash or Checks written to Northside.
•  You can turn an order in during the week to Misty in the office, but realize your order won't go out until the next Sunday’s order.

The following Sunday:
•  Cards will be delivered.
•  New orders will be accepted.

The On-Hand Gift Cards inventory varies from Sunday to Sunday.  

The other positive note is that the rebate that is given to the church can be used as a non-profit gift on your taxes. You just need to let me know by the end of the year if you need a receipt of your gift.

Need an order form? We can email one to you or you can pick one up at church.

Have questions? Contact  

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