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Current Sermon Series




Pastor Clark is starting a new SERMON SERIES called The Roman Road.  We are going to walk through Paul’s letters to the Romans.  Written before the four gospels were written, this book has been called the fifth gospel, because it clearly outlines what the good news of Jesus Christ is and what it means for our lives.  The message of Romans is that we can have a perfectly right relationship with God by simple faith in Jesus Christ.  We believe that this is not only interesting, and not only important.  We believe this is true.  This is the single most important truth on the planet.  It is credible, reliable and stable.  It is challenging and comforting.  It is a message that you can build your life on.  

January 8 – Romans 1 – Our Deep Need for Good News

January 15 – Romans 2-3:20 – Our Pervasive Predicament

January 22 – Romans 3:21-31 – Far-Fetched Forgiveness


January 29 – Romans 4 – Do We Understand our History?


February 5 – Romans 5 – What Difference Does It Make?


February 12 – Romans 6 – Set Free


February 19 – Romans 7 – Saints and Sinners


February 22 – Ash Wednesday service at Emmanuel


February 26 – Romans 8 – What Does a Changed Life Looks Like?


March 5 – Romans 9 – The Question of Israel


March 12 – Romans 10 – Transformational Knowledge


March 19 – Romans 11 – The New People of Israel


April 2 – Palm Sunday –  The Arrival of the Son of God


April 9 – Easter – The Irreversible has been Reversed


April 16 – Romans 12 – The Practical Ethic of the Gospel


April 23 – Romans 13 – How Christians Relate to the Government and our Neighbors


April 30 – Romans 14 – Dealing with Differences


May 7 – Romans 15/16 – Conclusions


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