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Current Sermon Series


SERMON SERIES: Who is This Man? 

From February 1 - April 12, Rev. Cowden will be preaching a sermon series called Who is This Man?  We are going to take the 10 weeks leading up to Easter to look at the unpredictable impact of the inescapable Jesus.  Jesus has had a greater impact on our world than any other person who ever lived.  The influence of His life is far-reaching and not by accident.  How did someone who only lived about 33 years come to shape the whole earth for thousands of years?  What made Him so special?  We will take a fresh look at His life and teachings and consider what He means for us today.  


February 2 - The Man Who Won't Go Away

February 9 - The Great Mamzer

February 16 - A Revolution in Humanity

February 23 - Jesus Surprises Us

March 1 - Three Ways of Life

March 8 - Help Your Friends, Punish Your Enemies

March 15 - Are There any Really Good People in the World?

March 22 - It's a Small World After All

March 29 - The Artist's Rendering

April 5 - There are Things that are not Caesar's

April 12 - The Story of Two Boats