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SERMON SERIES: Here Comes the Judge

From September 11- November 20, Pastor Clark will be preaching a sermon series called Here
Comes the Judge. We will be walking our way through the book of Judges. Judges is one of the
most interesting and overlooked books in the Bible. It begins by looking backwards and ends by
looking forward. It is a transitional book between the great leaders of Moses and Joshua in the
past, and coming kings of Saul, David, and Solomon in the future. It begins with Israel unified
under Joshua’s leadership and ends where everyone did what was right in their own eyes. It
describes an in between time in the history of Israel. It covers about 400 years of up and down
leadership. What would our nation be like if we had 400 years of up and down leadership? How
would that affect our mood, our temperament, our outlook on life? When you lack leadership at
the top, what does it do to the citizens of the country? What would that do to our self-image, our
confidence, and our hope for the future? Leadership matters. And when you don’t have good,
healthy, moral leaders who are following God, the whole nation can suffer. And that is what
happened to Israel in the Book of Judges. We will see what this book has to say to us today.

September 11 – Judges 1 – Half-Hearted Faith
September 18 – Judges 2 – The Cycle of Sin
September 25 – Judges 4-5 – Surprising Situations/Deborah and Barak
October 2 – Judges 6 – Questions/Gideon
October 9 – Judges 7 - Do You Think You Can Win?/Gideon
October 16 – Judges 8 – Be Careful What You Ask For/Gideon
October 23 – Judges 13 – The Birth of Hope/Samson
October 30 – Judges 14 – A Wasted Opportunity/Samson
November 6 – Judges 16 – The Victorious Defeat/Samson
November 13 – Judges 21 – The Problem and the Solution


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