1075 North Fruitridge Avenue, Terre Haute, IN 47804  

Worship Service: 9:00 a.m.   Sunday School: 10:15 a.m.

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Sermons by Guest Speakers

2019 DEC 11 Counterpoints For A Cause

2019 OCT 13 Sermon(By Aaron Wheaton) "Phillip The Joyful Outreacher"

2019 JAN 20 Dr. Curtis from ISU

2018 DEC 30 - Sermon(by David Hall) "Jesus Prays For You"

2018 OCT 14 - Sermon(by Jim Evans) "Are You Courageous?"

2018 SEPT 30 - Sermon(by Paul Bertsch) "When Jesus Interrupts"

2018-MAY 13 - Sermon (by Bart Coldwell) "What Will It Be: Fig Tree Religion Or Fruitful Spirituality?"

2018-FEB 18 - Sermon (By Ann Handschu) "How Exclusive Is Jesus?"

2017-JUL 30 - Sermon (By Paul Bertsch) "Christ: Our Message, Goal And Source"

2017-MAY 21 - Sermon (by David Hall) "There Is Only Room For One King"

2017-FEB 19 - Sermon (by Keith Gaddis) "Anger Unchecked"

2017-JAN 01- Sermon (by David Hall) "A New Name"


2016-AUG 07- Sermon (by Paul Bertsch)

2016-JUL 31- Sermon (by David Hall) "Grace upon Grace"


2016-JUL 03- Sermon (by Ann Handshu)

2016-MAY 15- Sermon (by Bart Colwell)


2016-FEB 02- Sermon (by Keith Gaddis)


2016-JAN 24- Engaging the Culture (by Paul Bertsch)


2015-DEC 27- Sermon (by David Hall)