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2020 JAN 05 - Paranoid Parenting

2020 JAN 12 - You Don't Have a Soul Mate


2020 JAN 19 - What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger


2020 JAN 26 - Raising Mentally Healthy Kids



2019 Dec 24 - The Christmas Truce



2019 DEC 08 Whose Child Is This

2019 DEC 15 Raising A Child Not Your Own

2019 DEC 22 The Journey To Bethlehem



2019 NOV 03- Walking in Circles


2019 NOV 10- Dream Big


2019 NOV 17- Pray Hard


2019 NOV 24- Think Long


SERMON SERIES: JOSEPH: You Meant it for Harm, but God Meant it for Good

2019 SEP 08 - Fractured Family Fault Lines

2019 SEP 15 - Where is God When Life Falls Apart?


2019 SEP 22 - When You Suffer for Doing the Right Thing


2019 SEP 29 - God Does The Unimaginable

2019 OCT 06 - The Ugly Duckling


2019 OCT 13 - Clark away on study leave


2019 OCT 20 - Unexpected Reconciliation


2019 OCT 27 - And Now You Know the Rest of the Story

SERMON SERIES: Living Right Side Up in an Upside-Down World

2019 AUG 11 - Standing On Your Head

2019 AUG 18 - Meet You At The Bottom

2019 AUG 25 - Don't Follow Your Heart

2019 SEP 01 - Failure To Find Your Calling

SERMON SERIES: Your Questions—Part 3

2019 JUN 23 - What did Paul really say about Women?

2019 JUN 30 - Questions about Heaven and Salvation

2019 JUL 07 - Questions About Our Relationship With God

2019 JUL 14 - Questions About Our Bodies And Relationships

2019 JUL 21 - Questions about Sin, Forgiveness, and Country

SERMON SERIES: Your Call to Mission

2019 APR 28 Called To Follow Christ

2019 MAY 5 You Are Called To Experiment

2019 MAY 19 The Call To Reflect

SERMON SERIES: Christus Colossus

2019 MAR 03 The Enemy

2019 MAR 10 The Skeptic

2019 MAR 17 The Skeptic

2019 MAR 24 The Insider

2019 APR 07 The Grieving Sisters

2019 APR 14 Palm Sunday

2019 APR 21 Surprises That Changed The World


2019 JAN 06 The Voice

2019 JAN 13 The Voice Of God In Scripture

2019 JAN 20 The Voice Of God Through People

2019 JAN 27 The Voice Of God Through Our desires

2019 FEB 03 The Voice Of God Through Our Circumstances

2019 FEB 10 The Voice Of God Through Our Dreams

2019 FEB 17 The Voice Of God Through Promptings

2019 FEB 24 The Voice Of God In Our Pain


2018 DEC 24 The Model Of Mary


SERMON SERIES: Christmas At The Movies

2018 DEC 02 Home Alone

2018 DEC 09 The Santa Clause

2018 DEC 16 – Elf

2018 DEC 23 – It’s a Wonderful Life 

SERMON SERIES: Angels: God's Secret Agents

2018 OCT 28 The Four Most Important Words About Angels

2018 NOV 11 Two Important Things Angels Do

2018 NOV 18 Guardian Angels

SERMON SERIES: Faith Of Our Founding Fathers

2018-AUG 12-The Journey Begins

2018 AUG 19-The Journey Of Discernment

2018 AUG 26-Don't Give Up On God

2018 SEPT 2-Sodom And Gomorrah

2018 SEPT 9- Isaac: What Do You Need To Give Up?

2018 SEPT 16- Jacob And Esau: Important Family Lessons

2018 SEPT 23- When Families Fall Apart

2018 OCT 7 - Rachel And Leah: God Loves The Unloved

2018 OCT 21 - Wrestling With God

SERMON SERIES: Even More of Your Questions


2018-JUN 10—Why is there so much suffering in the world?

2018-JUN 17—What is sin? Can I lose my salvation?

2018-JUN 24—When is Jesus coming back? What will heaven be like?

2018-JUL 01—How can we forgive people who do terrible things?

2018-JUL 08—Can God use people with a horrible past?

2018-JUL 15—How do we deal with our doubts?

2018-JUL 22- What Do We Believe About The Bible?"

Family Day Sermon

2018-JUN 03—The Ten Commandments

SERMON SERIES: Counterfeit Gods

2018-APR 08—Counterfeit Gods And Families

2018-APR 15—Counterfeit Gods Of Sports

2018-APR 22—Counterfeit God Of Money

2018-APR 29—Counterfeit God Of Success

2018-MAY 06—Counterfeit God Of Power

2018-MAY 20—Counterfeit Gods Of Race And Nation

2018-MAY 27—The End Of Counterfeit Gods


2018-JUN 03—The Ten Commandments

SERMON SERIES: The Miracle Worker

2018-FEB 25The Miracle Worker

2018-MAR 04From A Distance

2018-MAR 11The Healer

2018-MAR 18The Water Walker

2018-MAR 25Blindman

2018-APR 01The Grave Robber

SERMON SERIES: God Bless the Broken Road

2018-JAN 07A Suffering We Can't Fix

2018-JAN 14—A Suffering That Doesn't Make Sense

2018-JAN 21— A Suffering We Bring On Ourselves

2018-JAN 28—Suffering That Brings About Change

2018-FEB 04— Suffering For Doing What Is Right

SERMON SERIES: Hidden Christmas

2017-DEC 17— Thy Kingdom Come

2017-DEC 24— The Good And The Bad News Of Christmas

SERMON SERIES: Back To The Future

2017-OCT 22— St. Benedict - The Rule of Life

2017-OCT 29— Martin Luther - The Reformation

2017-NOV 05— John Wesley - Evangelical Reform


2017-NOV 12Deitrich Bonhoeffer - Standing up to a Dictator


2017-NOV 19— Henreitta Mears - Shaping The Next Generation


2017-NOV 26— C.S. LewisPutting Faith into Words

2017-DEC 10— The Fathers Of Jesus

SERMON SERIES: Stories from the Beginning of Time

2017-AUG 13— Creation: Why Are We Here

2017-AUG 20— Creation: Why Are We Here

2017- AUG 27— The Garden Of Eden: A Perfect World

2017- SEP 03— The Fall: What Went Wrong?

2017- SEP 10— Cain And Abel: The Family Feud

2017- SEP 17— From Bad To Worse

2017- SEP 24— Flood Conditions

2017-OCT 1— Somewhere Over The Rainbow

2017 OCT 8— The Tower Of Babel

SERMON SERIES: The Road to Character

2017-JUL 02— The Road To Character Begins With Humility


2017-JUL 09— The Road To Character: Work

2017-JUL 16— The Road To Character: Perseverance

2017-JUL 23— The Road To Character: Hope

SERMON SERIES: The Forgotten God

2017-JUN 04— The Grand Entrance


2017-JUN 11— The Holy Spirit 101

2017-JUN 18— What is your Superhero Power?

2017-JUN 25— The Road to Character

SERMON SERIES: Your Questions—Part 2

2017-APR 23— Questions about Pain and Suffering/The Problem of Evil


2017-APR 30— Questions about Heaven/How do we Get There and What will it be Like?


2017-MAY 07— Questions about the Meaning and Purpose of Life


2017-MAY 14— Questions about the Church/Denominations/Worship Styles/Differences


2017-MAY 28— Questions about our Bodies/Abortion/Transgender issues/Health


2017-MAR 26 Father Forgive Them

2017-APR 02 Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise

2017-APR 09 Your New Family

2017-APR 13 My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

2017-APR 16— IT Is Finished


SERMON SERIES: Practical Faith


2017-JAN 08— God's Blessings for the New Year


2017-JAN 15— What is your purpose in Life?


2017-JAN 22—What about Anger and Murder?


2017-JAN 29—What about Sex, Marriage, and Divorce?

2017-FEB 05— Surprising Simplicity and Faith 


2017-FEB 12—Love your Enemies


2017-FEB 26—Are You Pursuing The Right Treasure?


2017-MAR 05—Do not Judge?

2017-MAR 12-  Highway To Hell 

2017-MAR 19—Will You Survive The Storm?


SERMON SERIES: Advent Conspiracy


2016-NOV 27—Worship Fully


2016-DEC 04—Spend Less


2016-DEC 11—Give More


2016-DEC 18—Love All

SERMON SERIES: Radical Generosity

2016-OCT 30—What Does Radical Generosity Look Like?

2016-NOV 06—When Your Gas Tank is Full but You Feel Empty

2016-NOV 13—Financial Handcuffs

2016-NOV 20—A Generosity that Changes Your Life

SERMON SERIES: Liminal Leadership Lessons

2016-OCT 02— Leaders Listen

2016-OCT 09— Leaders Adapt

2016-OCT 16—7 Characteristics Of A Leader

2016-OCT 23— The Struggle Of Leadership

SERMON SERIES: Courage: From Fear 2 Faith

2016-AUG 21— Against All Odds

2016-AUG 28— Unlearning Your Fears

2016-SEP 04— Facing Your Giants

2016-SEP 11— Guaranteed Uncertainty

2016-SEP 18— Playing It Safe Is Risky

2016-SEP 25—  Don't Miss Your Opportunity

SERMON SERIES: The Art Of Neighboring

2016-JUL 10—Taking the Great Commandment Literally

2016-JUL 17—The Time Barrier

2016-JUL 24—The Fear Factor

SERMON SERIES: Your Questions


2016-MAY 22—Same Sex Marriage—Is it OK?  How do we respond?


2016-MAY 29—Sex Outside of Marriage—Is it OK? How do we respond?


2016-JUN 05—Suffering—Why do bad things happen to good people?


2016-JUN 12— What Do We Believe About Suicide? 


2016-JUN 19—Showdown in Revelation—What does it tell us about the end times?


2016-JUN 26—Salvation- Can You Lose It?



SERMON SERIES: Preview of Coming Attractions


2016-APR 03—The Tipping Point


2016-APR 10—The Kingdom of God and the Problem of Evil


2016-APR 17—The Kingdom of God is like a Mustard Seed: Big Things Come in Small Packages


2016-APR 24—The Kingdom of God is like a Treasure


2016-MAY 01—The Kingdom Of God Is Like A Forgiving And Judging God


2016-MAY 08—The Kingdom Of God Is Like A Wedding Reception



SERMON SERIES: Jesus: The Most Interesting Man In The World


2016-JAN 03—Jesus: The Most Interesting Man in the World


2016-JAN 10—How the Most Interesting Man in the World Handles Temptation


2016-JAN 17—The Call of the Most Interesting Man in the World


2016-JAN 31—The Prayer of the Most Interesting Man in the World


2016-FEB 07—The Miraculous Healings of the Most Interesting Man in the World


2016-FEB 14—The Mission of the Most Interesting Man in the World


2016-FEB 28—The Miracles of the Most Interesting Man in the World


2016-MAR 06—The Most Important Question of all Time


2016-MAR 13—What’s Going on Back Stage?


2016-MAR 20—Who is the Most Interesting Man in the World?


2016-MAR 27—What’s the Big Deal about Easter?



SERMON SERIES: The Stories of Christmas


2015-NOV 29—A Misfit Christmas (Rudolph)


2015-DEC 06—Don’t Give in to the Grinch Within


2015-DEC 13—Our Christmas Ghosts


2015-DEC 20—How to Avoid a Charlie Brown Christmas



SERMON SERIES: Living Generously


2015-OCT 25—Becoming Generous People


2015-NOV 01—Do You Love Money More than God?


2015-NOV 08—Generosity is about Serving Others


2015-NOV 15—What is Your Strong Tower


2015-NOV 22—It’s Seedtime



SERMON SERIES: What is God up To?


2015-AUG 09—Journey with Jesus


2015-SEP 06—Less is More


2015-SEP 13—Hit the Send Button


2015-SEP 20—Let It Go


2015-SEP 27—One Surprising God


2015-OCT 04—Carrying the Best of the Past into the Future


2015-OCT 11—The Big Story


2015-OCT 18—What is Your Purpose in Life?